Thursday, May 29, 2008


I posted my avatar today. Here are the things I ran into along the way.

I had created an avatar months ago. Then I couldn't find it when I wanted to add it to this blog.

I tried to recreate it on Yahoo, but couldn't. Turned out I didn't have Macromedia Flash installed on the computer I was using. (Still not sure why!) Fixed that.

Gave up for awhile.

Went to Dunn Brothers today. Couldn't get into the Yahoo beta version of email, so selected "Classic" Yahoo email. There was my avatar! Turns out you can only add avatars to Classic email. There's some bug that prevents you from adding your Yahoo avatar to their beta email. (Yahoo is working on it.)

So I eventually went back to a computer with flash and exported my avatar to my blog. Who knew it would be a saga! But, done!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Blogging Platforms for Teachers and School Librarians

School library media center staff who are having difficulty with using the blog because of filters and other restrictions in their school, may find the following blog article helpful.

Blogging Platforms for Teachers and School Librarians (by Michelle Boule) -- From ALA Tech Source, 12/31/2007

Excerpt from blog:"…two blogging platforms built specifically for use in the classroom that are rarely, if ever, blocked: Class Blogmeister and Edublogs. Each platform has the same goal, but has accomplished it in very different ways. I know there are other platforms available to teachers, but these are the two that came up in conversation the most often."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Follow up to Library 2.0 discussion: ALA to celebrate National Library Week in Second Life!

MN SLA Library 2.0 Discussion - Clairvoyant Group!

Turns out the Library 2.0 discussion group last night was in sync with the universe regarding 2nd Life and its use in the library profession. This morning I came across this press release from ALA, dated 4/9/08. ALA is going to celebration National Library Week in Second Life this month!

ALA to celebrate National Library Week in Second Life

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MN SLA Library 2.0 Discussion - 4-9-2008

Six metro area librarians gathered today at HGA (Architecture firm) to discuss their experience with 23 Things.

Compliments flowed to the creators of MN's 23 Things program. Participants loved the updated material, they loved the inclusion of Minnesota tools, they appreciated the newsletters and the cadre of folks reading others blogs. "They should get an award for this. Really!"

Comments from Group on the Things

"You have to go to it -- it doesn't come to you. It's a pull system, not a push system."

In addition to Flickr, some liked

Home Page:
"Wish there was one home page that would pull all my home pages together -- work, home, ...!"
Tip -- Try:

Research Calculator:
One shared this with a firm architect. "This could be used for project management!"

2nd Life:
"What is 2nd Life all about? Don't have enough RAM at home to try it. Can MN SLA do a program on this topic? Heard there was an Engineering Library in Second Life. Wondered what the purpose was and relevance to our work. "

"This dialog today is helpful. It helps me to take a little bit more time with things I wasn't interested in before."

Metronet Program on Gaming:
Two had attended and loved it. UWisconsin prof was amazing. Could the handouts from that event be posted for public viewing?

Blog with ideas for using 2.0 Tools inLibraries:
The Krafty Librarian

Thanks for the great discussion and motivation folks!

Waylaid on the Way to 23 Things

As Deanna Sylte observed, I got waylaid on the way to 23 Things. So I'm going to be plugging away now and will join in on the second round as well.

Couldn't figure out why my dogs were waking me up every night. February and early March were a challenge. They'd been healthy for 11 and 16 years, and now what was up? It was taking extra time and energy to care for them and clean up after them. Turned out Carmela was on her way to another place. On March 7, she passed away, bless her heart. Kate's been going through chiropractic adjustments and chinese herb supplements for her new probs.

Who knew that it would take me away from 23 Things? Well, there you go. Thanks for faithful, enthusiastic companionship during the last 16 years, Carmela. Kate, so glad you're doing better.

Time for 23 Things will come.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

23 Things in Montana

Most of us are busy, and will be stretching our time to work on the Minnesota program, 23 Things on a Stick. BUT if you're curious about what other states are doing, Montana just happens to be doing a similar program this season.

The appearance is a bit different. The MN program is using a blog to convey the lessons. The MT program is using a wiki format. Compare and contrast! (i.e. fter you register your blog and do a couple of those 23 things.... )

Montana Library 2.0 challenge:

When I'm Done with 23 Things....

When I finish with 23 Things, I'm going to follow up with the free items on this list. Stumbled across it today:

Lifehacker's Top 10 Underhyped Webapps

Jott, Doodle, Meebo, and Remember the Milk have my attention.

Jott transcribes phone call messages into text and sends them to you via email or text message. (I talk to myself all the time. Why not get a free transcription?)
Doodle - To schedule an event, set up a Doodle poll with possible dates and times and send to participants.
Meebo - instant messaging via web - no software installation required
Remember the Milk - task manager; get organized!